Fully hydraulic, CNC-controlled automatic frame press with upper piston for the production of resinoid bonded depressed-center, grinding and cutting wheels with and without reinforcement.

Pressing Power from: 1000 KN – 10000 KN (100 t – 1000 t)



Hydraulic, CNC-controlled four column press with upper piston, for the production of vitrified and resinoid bonded grinding wheels and stones.
Intergrated turntables and strippers.
Pressing power from 1000 KN to 30000 KN (100 t -3000 t)



Four-column press, for the production of mounted points and other small abrasive units.



Four-column universal press for the manufacture of grinding wheels, brake pads, refractory products, rough ceramic products, tiles, mosaics, etc.



Multistorey heating press, for the production of artificial resin, plastic and rubber.


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